Margaret’s Quiz

Are You Ready to Mount a Campaign to Win?

1. Have you decided that you are willing to do what it takes to win for children? Are you tired of taking “no” for an answer? Are you willing to confront the powers that stand in the way?

2. Do you have a good, realistic proposal to solve a problem that people think is important? Is the solution to the problem big enough to matter, small enough to win? Can your proposed solution be understood by the public – not just social service insiders?

3. Do you have a coalition of the willing – an alliance of groups willing to stand with you? It may not be the partners you have all the time, or all of your partners, but it is key groups with credibility or troops or resources to help.

4. Are you are prepared to make the case? You must have convincing data and messages and compelling personal examples.

5. Do you have credible, skilled leadership and spokespeople? Good messengers can be youth, pediatricians, civic leaders or parents.

6. Do you have campaign/advocacy skills? Do you know how to use the media, prepare convincing materials, speak publicly and analyze the political terrain? Are prepared to recruit the people with the skills you need?

7. Do you have the troops? Numbers count – a lot.

8. Do you have a strategy to address the opposition? Have you come to terms with the fact that there WILL be opposition, often unexpected opposition, often powerful opposition, and even sometimes opposition from your friends?

9. Do you have an organizational infrastructure that is dedicated to your goals – that has the resources to mount a campaign, and that is independent enough to do what it takes to win?

10. Do you have the energy, enthusiasm and will to fight for what you think is right?


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Stay tuned for the next quiz: Is your organization ready to become an anchor institution?