Services Margaret can provide:

  • Keynote your conference or present a workshop – It will be entertaining and insightful and leave people feeling they have lived through a lifetime of experience.
  • Facilitate a community or organizational planning process – Drawing on experiences making change in every aspect of children’s services, she can offer concrete help from her huge armament of skills and ideas. But she knows that every community and every organization has different dynamics and different needs. She will listen, assess and help you arrive at the strategy that is right for your unique context.
  • Meet with local officials, leaders or administrators – She can share and discuss what has worked and what can be done administratively and/or legislatively to develop a comprehensive children’s agenda and budget, or tweak existing policies for maximum impact.
  • Consult with agency directors, boards of directors, staffs and networks – She can have lively, well-facilitated, focused discussions to turn your aspirations for your community or your agency into a doable game plan.
  • Conduct training on being an advocate for an hour, a day, or more – Her sessions are based on skills and lessons learned over years of successful (and sometimes unsuccessful) campaigns.

Margaret is open to time-limited special projects that maximize her skills and approach, such as developing a program or a conference, running a campaign, writing a report, or organizing a coalition. Call to explore possibilities.

Margaret is one of the true visionaries who is capable of translating her sense of urgency into frameworks of collaborative action with definable and positive outcomes. She works simultaneously in changing systems, policies and environments so that our youth can reach their highest potential.

Charles Collins,
President and CEO, YMCA of San Francisco


The lessons I learned from Margaret – how to find the person who can give you what you want, how to present a convincing argument, how to build alliances so you aren’t advocating alone, how to use the media to promote your issue, and how to speak effectively in public – are all lessons I continue to use when advocating for better school food.

– Dana Woldow
Founder, PEACHSF.org (Parents, Educators and Advocates Connection for Healthy School Food)