Funding the Next Generation

Promoting local dedicated revenue streams for California’s children, youth and families.

We must increase investments in our children and youth, not only because it is our moral obligation, but because it is essential to our country’s future economic well-being and social stability. There is much that can be done at the local level to increase resources available to children, and to ensure that children, youth and families become an ongoing community priority. This project provides the support needed for communities to enact measures that create sustainable funding for services, such as early childhood education, family support, youth development, health, after-school and violence prevention. There are many reasons to look to the local level to increase sustainable funding for children, youth and families: Many cities and counties have not explored the local revenue options that have demonstrated success around the country.  Greater flexibility and creativity is possible at the local level, as well as greater potential to mobilize a motivated constituency.  People are more willing to support funding when they can see the direct impact of that support.   Furthermore, the devolution of policy from the federal and state level makes work at the local level even more compelling.  It is where policy affecting children is implemented and where the building blocks of a state and national movement are created.

For more information please visit the Funding the Next Generation website.